Angels in Shipwrecks - Kaitlin Murphy-Knudsen
Angels in Shipwrecks: Place, Politic and Spirit in Modern Life

September 2012

Freedom of Speech

Two political conventions to elect a president. Microphones and megaphones. Facebook stands and Twitter wit. Speeches and rhetoric. Protesters, pundits.

On the last day I saw this photo. After all the words that have filled the last two weeks, it gave me all I wanted to add.

Freedom of Speech: Messy. Beautiful. Complicated. Necessary. 

Credit: Kansas City Star, also printed with this caption in the Tampa Bay Times, Sept. 6, 2012:
"Two protesters at left stop to share a kiss Wednesday in uptown Charlotte, N.C., while a man protests against homosexuality. Just steps away, people protest in favor of abortion rights."
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