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"We recently hired Kaitlin to edit a 200+ page report on improving a struggling urban school district. The report included a detailed analysis of the district's data, discussion of research for each identified improvement area, and multiple specific recommendations for improvement in identified areas. The report was collaboratively produced by our team, which meant multiple authors and experts contributed with different voices and writing styles which needed to be streamlined. We needed someone who could work remotely with not only a high level of editing expertise but a deep knowledge of the challenges of urban school district improvement. We also needed someone with the ability to convey specialized information clearly and politically challenging ideas democratically, to multiple audiences with different perspectives. Kaitlin exceeded our expectations. She has a meticulous eye for detail and a high level of professionalism. We are glad we hired her and I recommend her without reservation."

-Kathleen England, Senior Associate, Insight Education Group

"Kaitlin was a dream colleague at W.W. Norton. She understood each book's unique message, and worked tirelessly to bring it out into the world. She managed the demands of authors, editors, and the media with confidence and good judgment. I was able to telecommute and have Kaitlin represent me in the main office day-to-day and she made both of us look good. She's smart, passionate and has a heart of gold. I still miss her!"

-Patty Chang Anker,

Author of Facing Forty Upside Down

Former Publicist, W.W. Norton, Inc.

"I had the pleasure of working with Kaitlin while I was completing my doctoral studies at Northeastern University. She was hired to help edit my thesis and played an integral part in my ability to meet deadlines in order to graduate. Throughout the process she provided me with specific feedback and worked with me to tighten up my technical writing skills. In many ways, she even provided coaching and words of encouragement to help motivate me throughout the process. Kaitlin is highly skilled in her area of expertise and is able to adapt to meet the needs of any assignment. I plan to work with Kaitlin again on several projects in the near future."

-Tamika Pollins, Ed. D., Asst. Director at Rutgers University

"Kaitlin writes beautifully. Her work is clear, concise, direct, and effective. She knows how to use language and doesn't waste words. Her writing reflects her perceptiveness, thoughtfulness, and clarity of thinking. Whether she is reflecting her own ideas or those of others, she always gets it just right."

Jim Sandman

President of Legal Services Corporation

Former General Counsel for DC Public Schools

Former President of the DC Bar Association

Former Managing Partner, Arnold & Porter LLP

“One of the 90 Greatest Washington Lawyers of the Last 30 Years” -Legal Times, 2008

"Kaitlin has worked tirelessly on behalf of the students of the District of Columbia Public Schools. The chancellor and I have both depended on and expected the high quality of writing she has delivered time and time again. I was glad to have Kaitlin on my team."

Adrian Fenty

Mayor of Washington, DC, 2006 - 2010

"I receive many requests for recommendations, but I only write them for people I consider exceptional. This is the case with Kaitlin. Her commitment to education is unmatched, and as a part of my team she has played a key role in what I believe has been the most ambitious urban school reform effort in this country. It did not take long for her to convince me of her competence, her fierce belief in students' abilities, diplomacy in working with students and colleagues, perseverance, or the high quality of her writing that my staff and I have depended on for the last three years. She has the strongest recommendation I can give."

Michelle Rhee

Founder of StudentsFirst

Chancellor of the DC Public Schools, 2007 - 2010

"Working with Kaitlin has been a great experience - she's sharp, talented, and has a gift for finding a voice to communicate even the most difficult messages. She's very dependable and willing to help on anything - a total team player. Kaitlin is a solid writer in complex situations. I've trusted her on numerous occasions to give me feedback or help me figure out how to say something, and she always comes through. She is open to multiple points of view and is able to tie everything together succinctly. I'll miss her as part of the team."

Eric Lerum

Chief of Staff for Deputy Mayor for Education, 2007 - 2011

Washington, DC

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